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Interview Gerrit Gaastra, creator and consultant: On Tubeless Trends, E-Bike Concerns, and Long-Term Success

As the fourth generation of the Gaastra family in the industry, Gerrit grew up with bicycles. His great grandfather founded Batavus and his parents started Koga. No wonder Gerrit became involved in bicycles and no surprise that he founded his own company, Bike Basics, to manufacture idworx and Gaastra bikes. Bike Basics also distributes US-made Lynskey titanium frames. Through his GG Concepts consultancy he has close links with Schwalbe tires and the German-based retail buyers organization ZEG, which he helps by building up Bulls brand bikes. Above all he is a communicator who likes to implement great products ideas for his clients or on his own brands. “I am not an engineer but I create cycling products from my international cycling experience and with the passion of somebody who loves to ride his bike as much as he can,” says Gerrit Gaastra.

BIKE Europe 12/2012 (PDF)