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The Plug V

‘The Plug’ is an electronic USB-'socket' for the head tube and is powered by the dynamo hub. With this you have the possibility to recharge electronic devices such as telephones and navigation while riding and also to use them while riding. Bicycle travelers can recharge large batteries called Power Packs during the day, and use them for electronic devices at night in their tent.

  • Twist lock system closes the USB port completely and protects it from moisture and dirt
  • Buffer battery integrated in the head tube ensures power even during stops and at slow speeds
  • USB Type C female stainless steel connector
  • completely sealed electronics unit
  • LED with charge level indicator
  • Integrated battery charges from 7 km / h with up to 1.2 A charging current
  • integrated expanding claw with cable twist protection
  • Loading range: -15 - + 60 ° C

Click here for instructions to install the The Plug correctly.

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Flex-Bars advanced (*C)

The improved version of the Flex Bar - Flex Bar Avanced - is a handlebar made of flexible glass fiber composite with intelligent locking function in the pulling direction. The perceptible suppleness of the handlebar, which clearly contributes to the comfort, is only active while riding over bumps in the road and not if you pull the handlebar standing on the pedals, for example. The handlebar is suitable for cyclists up to 100 kg body weight and meets the requirements of the Zedler-Advanced-Standard strenght test, which clearly sets higher requirements than the ISO-norm 4210:2015.

Drop Bar (*C, *G)

We now offer the option of configuring all of our Rohloff models with disc brakes with a drop bar in order to use the versatile grip positions of this handlebar shape. The Rohloff hub is controlled by a combination of Shimano GRX levers and the Gebla box, which enables smooth shifting. Braking is done with Shimano SLX 4 piston brakes.

Cane Creek Viscoset Headset

We recommend this headset with integrated steering damping if you want to make maximum use of the driving comfort potential of the wide tires and therefore drive them with the lowest possible inflation pressure. In particular, touring cyclists who load their idworx with a lot of luggage benefit from the resulting, even more solid self-steering behavior.

USE Titanium Post (*D)

The USE Duro Titan combines robustness, clever saddle clamping, low weight and comfort. Developed for the toughest off-road use, the titanium seat post springs noticeably better than aluminum supports and most carbon posts. Maximum riders weight 85Kg.

BySchulz G.2 Suspension Seat Post ST (*D)

The G.2 ST suspension seat post scores with fine response behavior and driving comfort thanks to the proven parallelogram spring mechanism and IGUS polymer high-performance plain bearings, and that with only 100 mm installation height and 30 mm spring travel. This makes long, fatigue-free daily stages possible, even on bad roads.

Tubus Duo Low-Rider (*E)

DaCage I - idworx height adjustable bottle cage

Height-adjustable bottle holder.

  • For 1-1.5 liter bottles
  • Solid 3-point attachment
  • Suitable for your idworx bike
  • Adjustable length: 300 - 330mm
  • Suitable diameter: 90mm
  • Mounting on the down tube

DaCage II - idworx height adjustable bottle cage (*E)

Set of 2 height-adjustable bottle holders.

  • For 1-1.5 liter bottles
  • Solid 3-point attachment
  • Suitable for your idworx bike
  • Adjustable length: 300 - 330mm
  • Suitable diameter: 90mm
  • Mounted on the right and left of the fork

Schwalbe Aerothan TPU tube

- 40% lighter than a butyl tube of the same dimensions.
- low rolling resistance at tubeless level
- high puncture resistance


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