Rock oPinion – rough



The Rock oPinion combines all elements of our comprehensive idworx off-road concept with the high-grade Pinion gear system (C1.12), which results in a high-quality and very versatile all-rounder.

If you like to ride steep and difficult trails, we recommend the 'rough (gen 1.1)’ option. With the GG-tire concept specially developed for hardtail bikes – 27.5″ plus rear wheel (65 x 584) and 29″ front wheel – the rear wheel ensures maximum traction and comfort, while the 29” front wheel allows precise steering (the suspension fork realizes comfort). As an option, you can choose the idworx DaRim Law carbon rims (!choosing this option front and rear wheel will be 29″!), the idworx GoMax Carbon rigid fork, the CDX Gates Carbon Drive belt drive or the P1.18 Pinion gear system (with small steps in between gears and a long range).


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