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A cyclist with a true love of cycling ignores adverts for new gadgets. He or she relies on the expertise and empathy that go into manufacturing bicycles for their intended purpose. That’s how we work at idworx. We build bicycles that are a delight to ride. Based on the experiences of mountain bikers, round-the-world cyclists and commuter cyclists. And on our own experience of course, because we are fervent cyclists.

idworx is not a factory – it is a workshop that handcrafts beautiful bicycles. Strong, reliable, low-maintenance, as light as possible and a range of models that all offer their own unique promise. Our talent creates your outstanding bicycle. The delight of riding that outstanding bicycle is yours. We invite you to visit us.

It works!

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Perfection in essence

‘A la carte’ or ‘Super Custom’

The choice is yours

You can configure your very own idworx bike with a variety of options or you can choose for the Super Custom program and step into a new idworx world no-one has entered before.

Drop-by Fridays

Drop-by Fridays

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