Mountain biking is a branch of sport, where the bike and the rider are usually not active on the road, but often in rough terrain with stones, roots and loose ground. Experienced drivers take both technical descents and steep climbs. This sport requires endurance, strength, balance, riding technique and not least extremely robust and reliable material. Man and machine get to deal with much higher loads during mountain biking than when driving on the road. In particular, the drive is dirty due to mud or dust, causing the individual parts to wear out faster. By using a Pinion gear system or a Rohloff hub and chainrings made of hardened ‘Messerstahl’ instead of a conventional shifting system, we can keep the wear on our idworx mountain bikes as low as possible.

Very durable, reliable, low maintenance and as light as possible. These characteristics come first in the development of our mountain bikes. idworx is the inventor of the ‘carefree cycling concept’.