idworx Parts

Together with its suppliers, idworx develops exclusive parts that are only fitted to idworx bicycles. These special parts include, for example: the durable idworx long-life chainring or the idworx chain case for the 28 ″ Rohloff Trekking series. Older idworx models can be upgraded with these parts.

You can order these parts at our idworx-dealer or in our webshop

idworx Da Brace

Milled aluminum connection between the two fastening struts of the luggage carrier. It stiffens the connection of the luggage rack to the frame and prevents vibrations, which can lead to unstable driving behavior, even with a high load.

Temporarily unavailable!

Brace grootte (PDF)

€ 70

idworx EBB Long Life II

Bottom bracket eccentric with integrated, rustproof ball bearings. The only bottom bracket on the market with bearings that are really dimensioned to suit the load for an extremely long service life and optimum smooth running even under the highest loads.

The EBB Long Life II is available in two versions:

EBB-LL II – without the possibility of mounting the idworx Hesling chain case
EBB-LL-KK II – with the option of mounting the idworx Hesling chain case
Installation requirements for an idworx EBB-LL II / EBB-LL-KK II
Compatible idworx models: all models with an eccentric to adjust the chain play Requirement: crank with GXP bottom bracket standard
When using the idworx Hesling chain case, please note its installation requirements.
idworx EBB-LL II is compatible with a Gates Carbon Drive belt drive.

€ 185

idworx Hesling chain case

The chain case, which is compatible with our eccentric bottom bracket, drastically extends the maintenance intervals and the service life of the chain drive and also reliably protects your pants from dirt. Chain case in silver and anthracite.

Installation requirements for the idworx Hesling chain case
Compatible idworx models: Easy Rohler except ER Ti up to MY 2014 and ER Evo light spec, Country Rohler all models, Off Rohler Evo all models, Off Rohler from model year 2013, All Rohler all models
Requirements: idworx frame with standard EBB, idworx EBB light or idworx EBB-LL-KK II, chainring with 42 or 43 teeth, Rohloff pinion with 15 to 17 teeth
When the EBB Long Life is installed, the EBB-LL-KK II is required to be able to install the idworx Hesling chain case.
Not compatible with a Gates Carbon Drive belt drive.

€ 150

idworx Long-Life-chainring 35/39/43

The long life chainring developed by idworx made of hardened knife steel, with 35, 39 or 43 teeth, in combination with the hardened idworx KMC e1 EPT chain, results in an unprecedented service life.

€ 145

idworx SON Wide Body hub dynamo

It’s light, runs smoothly and efficiently. In addition, due to its maximum flange distance, the lateral stiffness of the impeller is noticeably increased (between 10 and 35% depending on the comparison hub).

plugless including contact parts: € 240
15/110 disc including contact parts: € 360


idworx SON Edeluxe II+

This SON headlight was specially designed for installation in an idworx bike with a built-in cable harness and can be easily connected to the cable harness using the existing connector.

Available colors: glossy black

Note: The idworx cable harness is required to mount the headlight.

€ 160 (without lamp holder and without wiring harness)

idworx lamp holder

A typical idworx in-house development to optimize a bike technically and optically. The aluminum lamp holder has been specially developed for the SON Edeluxe LED lamp, but also fits, for example, a B&M Cyo lamp.

€ 35

idworx DaRim rims

A unique profile with high flanks specially developed by idworx for the Magura FIRM-tech brake. The extremely resistant aluminum alloy enormously reduces the wear on the braking surface. Spoke bores optimized in size and alignment prevent cracking.

DaRim Disc II and DaRim LaW rims are only suitable for use with disc brakes.

DaRim III: € 125
DaRim Disc II: € 100
DaRim LaW Carbon velg: € 475

SKS mudguards 55/65mm

  • The high-quality SKS mudguards in the version specially manufactured for idworx are available in different versions:Easy blanks, all except light spec (28 ″, 55mm)
    Easy Rohler light spec (28 ″, 45mm)
    All Rohler, oPinion, oPinion Ti – travel spec (28 ″, 65mm)
    All Rohler, oPinion, oPinion Ti – urban spec (28 ″, 55mm)
    Off Rohler (26 ″, 65mm)
    Only available in black.

€ 80

idworx Side Stand Extender

Despite the very long chain stays on idworx trekking bikes, it is possible that you hit the side stand attachment with very large feet. The Stand Extender moves the side stand, precisely these required centimeters to the rear, without the bike being unstable on the side stand.

€ 30

idworx trikot short-sleeve

High-quality jersey from Nalini in the short-sleeved version, available in sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

€ 90

idworx trikot long sleeve

High-quality jersey from Nalini in the long-sleeved version, available in sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

€ 90

idworx cycling shorts

High-quality cycling shorts from Nalini with straps, available in sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

€ 90

idworx T-Shirt

High-quality T-shirt with idworx logo, ‘Fruit-of-the-Loom’ heavy cotton quality, available in sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

€ 25

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