Idworx Colour Program

The idworx colour program – iCP for short – now gives you the option of customizing and customizing your idworx bike in colour. Choose from a total of 208* colours of the RAL K5 classic colour palette. There are also 10 different decor colors to choose from (idworx lettering). The surface finish is available in glossy or silk matt. So there are countless possibilities to design your personal idworx bike.
The additional price for such an individual painting is € 300.00.
Powder coating made in Germany

Please note! Due to the complex processing of aluminum tubes, such as those used in frame construction, e.g. Hydroforming, butting, heat treatment, etc., cannot be guaranteed that the pipe surfaces are always absolutely even.
Depending on the nature and tone of the desired color, these imperative selections may be highlighted.
RAL K5 classic

*Painting in the following fluorescent colours is not possible:
Leuchtgelb RAL1026
Leuchtorange RAL2005
Leuchtrot RAL3024
Leuchtrot RAL3026
Leuchtgrün RAL 6038