We asked ourselves the question – what does an idworx customer expect from an electric idworx bicycle? Answer – the same perfection as with our bikes without electrical support. That is why our e-bikes are based on our reliable Trekking and Adventure bikes with Pinion gearbox, in combination with the new Neodrives Z20 rear wheel drive unit. This drive concept combines the following benefits:

  • Silence: Fully silent and vibration-free driving, because no gearbox is installed in the rear engine.
  • Efficiency: The efficiency of the Neodrives rear wheel drive unit has been further improved up to 85% for even longer trips.
  • Minimum maintenance: Longer service intervals of the chain and chainrings, compared to e-bikes equipped with a mid-engine.
  • Recovery of energy: With the recuperation even greater distances can be covered, because energy is returned to the battery during descents.
  • Thermal management: Driving pleasure, also uphill. With the Neodrives system, long climbs are easily possible due to improved thermal stability
  • Smooth running: No increased resistance when pedaling without support, also above 25 km / h.
  • Durability: The drive system is easy to assemble on existing idworx bikes. At the end of the life of individual
    e-bike parts, converting to a normal bike is just that simple