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idworx MTB test day at Mountainbike Museum Arnhem – 22 July, 2023

idworx MTB test day at the Mountainbike Museum in Arnhem

On July 22, 2023 we will be present at the Mountain Bike Museum with idworx mountainbike test bikes, which can be ridden on a beautiful part of the Schaarsbergen route. You can use the toilets and shower rooms of the museum. Snacks and drinks are also arranged. The museum features a unique collection of mountain bikes, including the very first idworx from 1999, the Double D, the first carefree mountain bike, specially made for Dutch conditions.

We take enough Rockn Rohler and Rapid Rohler with us, the latter with the super-geometry specially made for Dutch singletrack. You should try this and compare it directly with your current bike (so take it with you too)!

We do this in collaboration with the idworx MTB Expert Dealers: Bongers Bikes in Apeldoorn, Rein Veenendaal Fietsen in Veenendaal and Fietsen King in Leuven (B). Of these dealers, Theo, Nick and Olivier will be present. Jochem and Gerrit from idworx are of course also there. Questions about all special details are answered immediately and of course there is also time for discussions about new technical trends.

We are there from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Register You can also ask questions about the event here. Please bring your own pedals.

It’s going to be a super day!

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Info & Tech Talk – An Evening with Gerrit Gaastra by Fahrrad Claus

An evening with idworx founder Gerrit Gaastra at Fahrrad Claus on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023 from 7 p.m.

It’s been a long time since Gerrit visited our premises. He was a guest back then in 2010 and we still remember this visit well?. Even Hans-Heinrich Pardey from the FAZ.NET – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung was a guest at the time and wrote a long article about a very informative evening.
A lot has happened since then and we thought it was time for an exchange between customers and prospects and the boss of idworx personally.

That’s why we invite everyone who wants to delve deeper into the Idworx cosmos to our premises on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023 from 7:00 p.m. for this special evening.

Fahrrad Claus

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Gerrit Gaastra on Tour: Test Day idworx Mountain Bikes and Presentation

You can now try the Rapid Rohler from idworx, which is quite radical in terms of geometry, which we recently presented on this site, on Saturday 11th March 2023 during the idworx test day in Otterlo. idworx boss and designer Gerrit Gaastra will be there to provide explanations. In addition, Gaastra will give lectures on Thursday evening 9th and Friday evening 10th March 2023 at Bongers Bikes in Apeldoorn and Rein Veenendaal in Veenendaal.

The number of participants is limited. Please sign in!

Bongers Bikes

Rein Veenendaal