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You can choose the Wachtberg package for all trekking and adventure bikes. It is a compilation of various options that provide a performance gain and at the same time reduce weight. In this case, lighter does not mean a compromise on durability and reliability, low maintenance and driving pleasure. Quite the opposite, actually.
Four parts are included in the Wachtberg package:
The USE titanium seat post
The Tubus Liviano Titan luggage rack
The Schwalbe Aerothan tubes
The idworx LaW-Tr carbon rims

The USE Titan seat post, with its springy/flexing function, is significantly more comfortable than conventional aluminum seat posts thanks to the material properties of the titanium. The weight saving here is around 100 grams with the same length of the seat post.

Thanks to its material properties, the Liviano Titan luggage rack is corrosion-resistant, which has a positive effect on the longevity of a heavily used part such as the luggage rack. There are no corroded or scratched areas where you usually hang bike bags. In addition, the Liviano luggage rack is around 240 grams lighter than the standard Tubus Logo.

Schwalbe’s Aerothan tubes have low rolling resistance, which is at tubeless level. At the same time, they are around 70 grams lighter per hose than classic butyl hoses.

The LaW-Trekking carbon rims are the non-plus-ultra among rims. Thanks to their special construction made of carbon fiber, which is designed for stability and not lightweight construction, they can withstand extreme loads. They are still 75 grams lighter per rim than our aluminum rims.
The Wachtberg package will be available from March for all of our trekking and adventure bikes and brings additional performance and weight savings to your idworx bike!


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