Rockn Rohler



The idworx Rockn Rohler is a robust yet lightning-fast aluminum hardtail with the extremely durable Rohloff Speedhub 14-speed gear hub. As an all-round mountain bike, we have designed it for maximum performance in the most extreme riding situations – and for minimal maintenance. As a result, the Rockn Rohler and its twin brother, the Rock oPinion Ti, are among the most durable and easy-to-maintain mountain bikes on the entire market.
The large 29 ″ wheels combine enormous traction, low rolling resistance and a lot of driving safety – as if made for the steepest climbs and flowing trails. Our Evolution geometry is known for its balanced handling, even on tricky descents. Hobby bikers as well as long-time marathon participants appreciate the all-round qualities and durability of the Rockn Rohler enormously.

We don’t have to explain anything to experts. The Rockn Rohler is the proven idworx 29er mountainbike, which provides a lot of riding fun! Strong, stable, reliable, low-maintenance, with legendary Rohloff internal gear hub and full length cable housing.


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