All Rohler Ti



The idworx All Rohler Ti is a heavy-duty further development of the Easy Rohler Evo, with the durable Rohloff gear hub as common denominator. The main differences are in a stiffer frame, disc brakes instead of rim brakes and a larger bandwidth.

On the All Rohler Ti tires can be mounted up to a width of 55mm, which is favorable for driving comfort, rolling resistance and road holding on rougher surfaces. The reinforced frame with touring geometry gives the All Rohler a tight and reliable steering behavior, a must for traveling with a lot of luggage.

The benefits of disc brakes are best experienced in the mountains. The brakes will heat considerably, but they will not let you down. Disk brakes continue to perform consistently in wet conditions.

The All Rohler Ti comes standard with our extremely durable Long-Life hardened steel chainring and a KMC chain. A lubrication-free Gates CDX timing belt is available as an option.

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