Drive Technology RoPTi rough



Pinion P1.18

Pinion gear box with 18 gears, 636% ratio bandwidth and very finely 11% spaced gear steps

DD Mute Rear Hub

Now available as an option on all our oPinion and oPinion BLT models.
The advantages and technical features of this hub speak for themselves. It has a completely new freewheel design, the so-called "Sprag Clutch". As a result, the hub works completely quiet and the power transmission begins without delay.

1. Absolutely quiet "mute"
2. Extremely durable ceramic bearings
3. Adjustable bearing clearance (adjustable bearing preload)
4. Power transmission without delay (instant engagement)
5. Easy to disassemble - no special tools needed
6. High quality labyrinth seal
7. Extremely durable freewheel design (sprag clutch)

Belt Drive Pinion MTB

Gates Carbon CDX belt drive


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