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Rockshox Reverb Stealth (*A)

Almost every rider, even the most experienced ones, benefit from a reduced saddle height during steep descents. But who wants to stop before and after each descent to change the saddle height manually?
With a Vario-seat post, you can make the change with your hands on the handlebar. Simply use the lever on the handlebar and the saddle lowers steadily by the driver's weight. If you use the lever again without the driver's weight on the saddle, the usual saddle position is restored.
The additional weight for the Vario-seat post is approx. 250 grams.

USE Titanium Post (*A)

The USE Duro Titan combines robustness, clever saddle clamping, low weight and comfort. Developed for the toughest off-road use, the titanium seat post springs noticeably better than aluminum supports and most carbon posts. Maximum riders weight 85Kg.


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