The oPinion (gen 2.3) is our most universal model. It’s suitable for everyday use in any weather, for long and even mountainous multi-day trips with lots of luggage as well as for fitness training. And because of the suitability for an Alber Neodrive rear wheel motor, it also offers the option of using it as an e-bike.

The oPinion (gen 2.3) offers the 12- or 18-speed version of the very low-maintenance Pinion gear system with a long range. The wide Schwalbe Marathon Almotion tires roll very lightly and have great protection against punctures. The large Shimano brake system is prepared for daily riding in different conditions. As the ultimate travel bike it has a very stiff frame, and other details are also specifically designed for trips with lots of luggage. For example, the connection of the Tubus carrier is optional strengthened by the idworx ‘DaBrace’.

Some of the options you can choose are the extremely lightweight, sturdy and wide idworx DaRim LaW carbon wheels with 50 mm Schwalbe Almotion tires, the own developed idworx DaCover guard (suitable for chain and belt drive!) or for heavy use the ultimative idworx Big Disc Brakes with 203 mm wide and 3,2 mm thick brake discs. In addition, the oPinion can be upgraded with the Alber Neodrive rear wheel hub motor, which makes it one of the highest quality pedelecs on the market.

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