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DaRim Lite Carbon Rims (*A)

DaRim Lite carbon rims (29 "). Extra light (about 400 g), hookless carbon rims, only approved for tubeless compatible tires.
Probably the most sensible option to further improve the performance of your Idworx. By reducing the rotating mass, your bike can accelerate even better.
Driving tubeless reduces, despite the reduced air pressure, the risk of snake bite. The hookless rim is more stable than any aluminum rim. Size and orientation optimized spoke holes and an extra reinforced profile ensure safety and long life.

Neodrives Pedelec System by Alber (*A)

The Alber Neodrives electric motor offers significantly more power than previous pedelec drive systems, thanks to the latest technologies. The perfect interaction between rider and technology enables an unique riding experience. Excellent power, dynamics, efficiency and endurance, combined with the highest quality. Neodrives is the most versatile drive system, whether it is for sporting activities, for extra comfort, or transporting loads.
The set is including the new Z20 engine, the SMMI black/white display and the largest 612 Wh battery.


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