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DaRim LaW Carbon Rims (*C)

DaRim LaW Carbon rim (29"). Extra wide, hookless carbon rims, approved for tubeless compatible tires only.
Probably the most sensible option to improve the performance of your idworx even further. The larger inner width of the rim improves the support of wide tires, which are so typical for idworx. Therefore, you can reduce the tire pressure even further to increase traction and riding comfort. The bike does not lose any steering precision, because the shape of the tire is more stabilized by the wider rim. On trails with larger bumps, you can even reduce the rolling resistance.
The hookless rim are more stable than any aluminum rim. Compared to the standard aluminum rim mounted on idworx, the DaRim LaW saves up to 40 grams per rim and improves the stiffness of the wheels as well as their stability. Size and alignment optimized spoke holes and an extra-reinforced profile ensure safety and extremely long life.

DaRim HD - heavy duty rims (*C)

Extra stable rim made of extremely durable aluminum alloy, with spoke holes optimized in size and alignment. The perfect upgrade for heavy riders and anyone who regularly pushes the maximum load on their idworx bikes. Only 29 inch.
The extra deep rim base makes tire mounting easier - even with TLE tires.


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