Rock oPinion Ti – power



The Rock oPinion Ti combines all elements of our comprehensive idworx off-road concept with the high-grade Pinion gear system (C1.12) and an indestructible titanium frame, which results in probably the best all-mountain hardtail on the market.

Special about the bike is the fact that rider and bike become one in a natural way, so the rider can concetrate more on the experience of riding the bike. The idworx Evolution geometry, the robustness and the thoughtful concept of a maximum maintenance-free bike, contribute to this. The Rock oPinion ‘power spec (gen 1.1)’ combines sportive steering and riding with a lot of safety on the trails. The optional wide idworx DaRim LaW carbon rims allow for an even better steering and provide extra grip and comfort. Further options include the Vario seat post, the idworx GoMax Carbon rigid fork, the P1.18 Pinion gear system (with small steps in between gears and a long range) or the CDX Gates Carbon Drive belt drive.



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