All Rohler Ti



All Rohler Ti

Do you want an ER with disc brakes? Here you are: the All Rohler Ti combines the evolution of the ER with the advantages of a disc brake.

The ‘All Rohler Ti (Gen 1.0)’ with wide Schwalbe Marathon Almotion tires for more comfort and less rolling resistance and a disc brake System. It is not surprising that even critical cyclists are absolutely thrilled by the ride qualities of the idworx All Rohler Ti!

In addition, you can choose the DaRim LaW carbon wheels with 50 mm Schwalbe Almotion tires and the tubeless kit,the special, 203 mm wide and 3,2 mm thick idworx brake discs – for extra safety with continuous high loads -, the idworx chain case (only for chain drive) and more parts to get your perfect idworx All Rohler Ti.

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