oPinion Ti BLT



The idworx oPinion Ti BLT is the titanium version of the oPinion BLT. Sometimes something is so good that it can hardly be improved and then there is only one upgrade option left: titanium! The oPinion Ti BLT enjoys all the strong qualities of the aluminum oPinion BLT, but adds the qualities and timeless beauty of a titanium frame. Titanium is very strong, impact resistant and corrosion resistant. An ideal material for making the very best Adventure Bike.

The Ti BLT is basically a mountain bike, which we have optimized for extreme, adventurous off-road cycling trips. With the robust titanium frame, the off-road geometry, the low-maintenance Pinion gear system, the mountain bike wheels and the many durable and refined idworx details, the oPinion Ti BLT has become a superior expedition bike.

Available with two different wheel sizes (29 “or 27.5 Plus).The basic version has the most ‘socially skilled’ personality. It has 29 “wheels with 57mm semi-offroad tires and 12 gears and is therefore suitable for the most common conditions. Is the environment extremely difficult to pass, then choose the extreme package with 27.5 PLUS wheels with extra fat 70mm off-road tires.

Both wheel sizes can be upgraded ex-factory (or in the future) to go-everywhere E-bike with the electric Alber Neodrives system.

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