oPinion Ti BLT



oPinion Ti BLT

Increasingly more people want to experience off-road adventures on their bikes. Our idworx oPinion Ti BLT is the ideal adventure bike to discover all the remote corners of the world on-road and/or off-road! With its extremely robust titanium frame, the off-road geometry and the low-maintenance Pinion gear system (C1.12), it is an ideal partner for such tours. The proven idworx off-road geometry gives the bike great handling capabilities in any kind of terrain. This bike exists with an aluminium frame as well: the oPinion BLT.

Options: the idworx DaRim LaW carbon rims, the Pinion P1.18 gear system, the idworx BigDisc (iBD) disc brake system with Hope V2 brakes and 203mm large, 3,2 mm thick brake discs, the idworx DaCover guard (for chain and belt!) and more.

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